About Us

PaperTale AB is a Swedish limited company that has developed a blockchain based technology to empower consumers to directly impact climate change and other environmental issues as well as giving them the opportunity to help people in the developing world to get out of poverty. The team of 15 enthusiasts – or Proud PAPERTELLERS as they like to call themselves – consists of developers, designers and engineers who have vast experience of developing technology solutions as well as managing complex manufacturing processes. PaperTale is a cutting-edge company working toward a truly sustainable future and strives to be CLIMATE POSITIVE by investing in measures to improve the environment. PaperTale also wants to eradicate the exploitation of workers in the developing world. To demonstrate a "Proof of Concept" by implementation in a supply chain on a larger scale, PaperTale AB has created a complete scenario of the Fashion supply chain by introducing a Concept Collection created in Sweden and partnered up with a mid-sized garment factory in Pakistan. The platform is being developed to enable factories in all industries to implement the technology in their production processes. PaperTale's vision is to become a new industry standard and has coined the concept of "Traceability of Things", abbreviated ToT.

Press releases

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